Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Little Shopper

We had a house showing today so I spent the morning cleaning up messes as Ayden made more.  Somehow it was frustrating and funny all at the same time.  I'd finally get something all put away only to turn around and see that he had emptied a cabinet or drawer. These days getting anything productive done during his waking hours is definitely like fighting an uphill battle (especially since he's still not the best of sleepers).  Somehow I pulled it off and was out of the house 15 minutes before the showing time.  It was a good thing, too, since I had to scrape my car windshield.
When I texted David last night to let him know about the 11am -12 pm  showing our realtor had just informed me of, both of our reactions were, "ugh." We want to get as many showings as possible but we both knew it would be tricky to clean up the rest of the mess from our trip as well as all the other messes around the house. Then he texted, "We got this. You and me." And those two tiny sentences put a smile on my face and brought tears to my eyes because they really sum it all up. No matter what life throws our way, it is really that simple.  As long we we have each other for support, reassurance, companionship, etc., we can take on anything.

I had to scrape my windshield because David moved a few "clutter" items (stroller, toddler table and such) to my side of the garage last night to help prepare for the showing and winter is on its way! My car frosted over last night and because of the positioning of our house, it spent the morning in the shade. I scraped the windshield, loaded Ayden into the car and had plans to find an old Scrabble game at one of our three nearby Goodwills (I've been inspired by Pinterest to use Scrabble letters in one of our "Homemade Christmas" gifts.). I had no luck finding Scrabble, but I did find a super cute shopping cart for $1 that is EXACTLY like one I had as a child, as well as a small bag of blocks (to be put away for his birthday or Christmas) and a couple of books.

He pushed that cart up and down all of the isles, winning over each and every person he passed with his big smile and even bigger wave. Here he is admiring some of the merchandise:

When we got home we had a little playtime and then we were off to teach dance.

I am hoping to have better luck tomorrow while I do some more Homemade Christmas shopping after story time!



  1. soooo cute! I just made scrabble art for my bedroom! The post will up in the morning. Love your blog! Hope you get a chance to check out mine!

  2. I am making a scrabble inspired pinterest for my soon to be in laws for xmas this year too!!! Scrabble was on sale for 7 dollars at my target this week! I know etsy has a bag of 100 pieces but they take FOREVER to ship stuff :(...let us know how it comes out! Good luck!!!