Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The New Norm?

Ayden was a trooper today! Our morning was very typical other than Ayden's nice, long nap. He slept for an hour and a half in his crib and woke up in such a sweet, pleasant mood. He stood up in his crib and kept blowing in the direction of the fish we keep on his book shelf. We've been working on blowing and he's looked at his fish after we say fish for a while now. Not sure why he's decided they go together but it sure is cute!

After his nap we had lunch, straightened up the house and then went to my parents' house for a visit before going to teach dance. Ayden stayed awake the whole way there and was therefore in a great mood for visiting. He played on my dad's pool table (a grandpa/grandchild tradition) and loved their rocking horse.

He ended up skipping his afternoon nap which he usually takes around 4 pm but you would have never guessed! He was pleasant, smiley and playful. Around 6:00 I noticed his little eyes were red rimmed with sleepiness so I strapped him into the Ergo while I taught my last couple of classes and he was asleep within 15 minutes.

He woke long enough for me to get him in his carseat and then he slept all the way home. We woke him up for dinner, a little visit with Daddy and a bath all during which he was , again, so sweet and pleasant. Now he is getting to sleep an hour later than usual (which is probably necessary after taking a "nap" from 6:15 to almost 8:00...) and is drifting off effortlessly. Ayden had never been this content and "go with the flow" in his entire little life. We don't know if this is a phase or if it is the new norm but we will sure enjoy it for as long as it lasts!


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