Friday, November 30, 2012

The Undocumented Day

This was the only picture that I took today...

Watch out, Ralph!  That cow is gonna eat ya!!
(After a minor casulaty, the pop up books now live behind Ralph)
It is of Ayden's beta fish. It was actually my classroom fish during the 2010-2011 school year, my last year of teaching. My students named him "Ralph" because I had been reading a little bit from The Mouse and the Motorcycle to them after recess each day. Ayden has become obsessed with this fish lately. When he wakes up from his nap he stands up in his crib, looks across the room and does his adorable fish imitation while looking at the fish, then to me and back again. He does the same thing every time we carry him passed the bowl or if it catches his eye while he is playing by his book shelf. He does t it every time a book shows or talks about a fish too.

I took that particular picture because Ayden has figured out how to push the button on my iPhone and he likes to look at the picture on the lock screen. It was a picture of him but now it features none other than his favorite fish.

We don't typically let Ayden play with our phones because they used to go straight to his mouth but today he was just pushing the button and holding it up to the back of his head (making a phone call I suppose?), so I let him explore it assuming he would 't make it past the lock screen. Well I was putting diapers away in his dresser and before I knew it, I heard David saying, "Hello? Hello??" and by golly Ayden had unlocked the iPhone, opened the phone app, hit David's number on the favorites list AND put him on speaker. I think it is safe to say this was all by chance but we sure got a kick out of it! David told him he has to call him everyday now that he knows how. Man, kids and technology these days... Pretty crazy stuff!

I suppose I didn't take any pictures or video today because we had a Goldilocks kind of day. Not too exciting and not too bad. We hung around the house for most of it doing laundry, swapping out some Fall decorations for Christmas, etc.

One thing I will say is that Ayden attempted to walk on his own a lot. He's up to 8 steps or so and will catch his balance sometimes when he starts to lose it between steps. He's working hard and making great progress!

Now Ayden is in bed and it's time for movie date night! We went from Netflix to RedBox to our own neglected DVD library. It's been fun digging through all of our old favorites and the best part is we don't have to worry about re-watching the next day when/if we fall asleep. TGIF!


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  1. Oh my gosh, how hilarious and strange...Gabe did the exact same thing yesterday. He was playing with my phone, I heard it vibrating, went over to take it from him to answer it, and DH is on the line saying "you called me but weren't saying anything, all I heard was Gabe babbling!"