Sunday, November 11, 2012

Breastfeeding Shenanigans

We had some fun at the arboretum today!
I'm not sure if it is the norm but for me breastfeeding Ayden, now 9.5 months old, has become very interesting. When we sit down for a nursing session I never know if it is going to be a quiet, calm, bonding session (much like his newborn days) or if it is going to be a three ring circus. Luckily, there is somewhat a pattern but I don't always know what to expect. If he is nursing to sleep, or if he is nursing for comfort, it is typically the calm sort of session where we look into each other's eyes and he reaches a tiny hand up to play with my mouth; or he softly caresses my arms, chest and neck as I watch him drift peacefully to sleep. These are the sessions I truly love. The bonding is so amazing and the experiences make me fall in love with my son over and over again.

If it is a wake time nursing session, or if he is over-tired it is a completely different experience all together! He will crawl, kick, roll, sit up, stand, lift a leg into the air, you name it and he's tried it! And ALL while still latched on! It can sometimes hurt and also can be frustrating but for the most part it amuses me. If he gets too crazy, I'll unlatch and reposition him but he just does it again so there's not much point. I figure if he's actively nursing I shouldn't make him stop but I also want to set some sort of boundary so I patiently lay him back down time and time again until he's had enough.

I've had a lot of things cross my mind during these shenanigans.

1) I am so glad that I still nurse him to sleep! Without those sweet nursing sessions to hold near and dear to my heart I'm not so sure I would be able to find these so amusing.

2) Don't get caught up on how breastfeeding is "supposed" to be. Every baby is different and every baby has their own way of doing things so there is no normal.  This is just the way Ayden is and accepting that is the key to still finding joy in the experience. (That being said, please refer back to number one)

3) As funny and interesting as these nursing sessions can be I am hoping it is just a phase he is in while his gross motor skills are developing...

At the end of the day I am just so over the moon that we still have such a healthy breastfeeding relationship that he could do whatever he wanted, really, as long as my body is still able to nourish his. It is truly amazing and I am so grateful that breastfeeding has worked out so well for us. It's just what we do and I wouldn't change a single thing about it!


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