Thursday, November 21, 2013

5 Happy Things {You Have the Power}

Here are 5 happy things from our day:

1. Ayden enjoyed a mini egg for breakfast today
(they are called fairy eggs and they are very cute)
2. Ayden held the tiniest kitten at the pet store.
If we had a barn that needed a cat I would have adopted him.

3. My cousin and neighbor happened to stop by at the same time to meet the chickens.
We stood around a chatted for a while and I enjoyed every minute of it.

4. The chickens are getting comfortable and are venturing out of their little yard.
At first, Ayden told her to go back, then decided he LOVED her being out.

5. David and I went on a dinner date hosted by the company he works for.
It was delicious, we talked with some really nice folks and Ayden got some quality grandparent time.
As an introvert, overly social days can drain me at times but today was so enjoyable.  I think it was because there were breaks between each event that allowed me time to decompress and recharge. It also helped that Ayden had a low key day. He really loves helping with chicken chores which makes them that much more enjoyable for me. Not only are these chickens adding entertainment and EGGS to our home but they are already proving to be something that is bringing people together.  I am so glad we went for it!

What are your 5 happy things for today?


Flashback!  Here's what we were up to one year ago today: "Aloha!"

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