Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tea Time

Now that it has gotten colder, I have been drinking hot tea every morning (and sometimes again at night). Ayden has, of course, noticed this and always wants some too. My go-to morning tea is English Breakfast tea which does have some caffeine in it. Since caffeine is the last thing our energetic boy needs, I have been either steeping him his own cammimile or  just warming up his morning milk. He gets it in an old mug of mine, which he LOVES and calls it "hot tea."  His favorite thing to do is sit down on the rug in front of our kitchen door with the mug beside him.  He takes a sip then sets it back down, waits a minute and does it again.  He always looks so grown up sipping out of his mug. Today, he took that looking grown up thing one step further. Instead of sitting in his booster for breakfast, he decided he wanted to sit on a "sool." 

I am overwhelmed by the rate at which our baby is growing and savoring every fleeting moment. 

What big kid things does your toddler do?  Anyone figured out how to slow it all down?!?


Flashback! Here's what we were up to one year ago today: "On A Roll"

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  1. Does he drink cow's milk at all, organic? Any suggestions on using coconut or almond milk for 12 month old or what to use after weaning.

  2. We have recently introduce raw, grass-fed, organic cow's milk to all of our diets (We are long overdue for a dietary lifestyle update post!) I would recommend coconut milk over almond milk just because it takes SO many almonds (more than you'd ever eat if they weren't pulverized) to make almond milk. Just watch out because some brands have some questionable ingredients like carrageenan and guar gum. Either way, I'd recommend sticking with original as vanilla and other flavors have a lot of added sugar.In the end, we personally feel like a whole food diet (as minimally processed as possible) is healthier than staying away from specific food groups. For us, RAW, organic cow's milk is more of a "whole food" than any of the milk alternatives out there. Pasteurized milk is a different story though...