Friday, November 29, 2013


We had an amazingly lazy day today.

Except for David who conquered this while Ayden and I read books...
I accidentally joined Ayden for his nap (which is probably going to start happening since I stopped using my phone so much) and then we got ready for a family dinner and movie night. It was us, my parents and my sister's family and we had a great time!

Ayden's first time at a hibachi grill!

Ayden's reaction to the first flames (love how he looks around at everyone, trying to gauge the situation):

Ayden stayed close but enjoyed watching all the flames and shenanigans (all of the adults got to catch shrimp he tossed to us for instance). Onions were, of course, his favorite part of the meal and he liked the sushi we got too. 

We went to see the movie Frozen which was adorable!  Ayden stayed awake for the whole thing. One of the character's names was Anna and Ayden liked her a lot. Whenever she wasn't on the screen he'd say, "Where Anna?  Where Anna?" until she came back. There was also a snowman that fell apart a lot and every time he was genuinely concerned and would say, "Oh no!" He liked his carrot nose. As with most Disney movies, there were a couple of sad scenes and a couple of "scary" ones. Ayden seemed to take it okay, though.

We thought he might do okay at a movie in a theater since he watched Polar Express so well last night and he did great! It is fun that we have crossed into the stage of family movie nights and the treat of an occasional theater movie with Ayden. We have taken him to movies before but always chose movies for us around his bedtime so he'd sleep through them. Before, he just wasn't interested and we were more than okay with that. Now that he is closer to 2 he's ready. He has the understanding and the attention span so we can make it a family affair.

If you are looking for a good movie to see with your kiddos, I think Frozen would be a good choice!

Have you seen Frozen yet? What is your toddler's favorite movie?


Flashback!  Here's what we were up to one year ago today: "Holiday Shopping"

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