Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Hammer Pumpkin

Christmas may be here already on the radio or in the stores but let's not forget Thanksgiving! With the holiday that made pumpkin pie famous just around the corner, I have a perfect way for you to use those extra pie pumpkins!

The materials that you'll need for this activity are:

A pie pumpkin (or any pumpkin for that matter)
Some golf tees (new or used)
A hammer (toy or a small real one)
A toddler who likes to bang things!

This activity is so quick and simple!  I used to put it in the woodworking/block area in my classroom in the Fall and the kids always LOVED it.  First, you pour out some tees.

Then get them started (older children can do this part themselves.

And set them free!

With all of the building that we have going on at our house, this activity was right up Ayden's alley.  He has really enjoyed "helping" build our chicken coop and has been fixing our chairs and stairs around the house while wearing his little tool belt.  

This activity helps with hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and imagination!  Another variation, that I also would use in school, is to drive the tees in a placement that would accommodate Mr. Potato Head pieces.  Nothing screams pumpkin season like a Mr. Pumpkin Head if you ask me! If your tees were clean, you can still use the pumpkin to make pie for Thanksgiving!  Just make sure you refrigerate or use it right away it once the shell is punctured.  

I'll admit that I am enjoying the Christmas music being on the radio already, but who is with me in saying that the Christmas season doesn't start until the day after Thanksgiving??  Who could want to skip over a holiday with such delicious food?!

What activities have you made out of pumpkins this season?


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