Friday, November 8, 2013

Crazy Week

Today was my mom's birthday!

Little gift from Ayden, big one from us.
(I'll be posting about her gift very soon!)
We went to visit her at around 10 then went to town for a bit. I needed to return/check out some library books. 

I guess some books are more meaningful after the holiday.
I got this one for myself!  I've heard good things...
(audio books = a mommy's only way to "read"
After the library we spent some time at the neighboring park.

Ayden wanted to climb up and sit so that is what we did for a while.

Then walked to pay our water bill. 

Being in a small town definitely has its advantages!  I did not get much crossed off my ever growing to-do list but there's always Monday, right?  Ayden and I got in some great quality time and we'll be ending our evening with dinner out to celebrate my mom's birthday with the rest of the family (including David's parents).

This week was pretty crazy.  We had something out of the house to do everyday (our new play group met Monday, he had a vaccine appointment on Tuesday, we taught dance on Wednesday, story time and errands on Thursday and then today.  TGIF!


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