Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wrapping Up

Wow...  When I reflect on our day today I am a little surprise by how much we fit into it!

We ran a couple of morning errands and then packed the afternoon with holiday fun.

We made the rest of our sugar cookies!

Logan was there too :)

1st try at royal icing.  Super cool stuff!
We made some hand/foot print Christmas keepsakes:

One of his footprints looks twice as fat as the other.
3 month olds are wiggly subjects...
After dinner, David took Ayden to a trampoline park for some fun and left me to do some more gift wrapping.

Gift bomb ground zero...
I'm having a lot of fun so it's worth it!
I stayed up waaay too late and am going to be feeling it tomorrow.  It'll all be worth it to make Christmas even just a little more magical for my boys.  Merry Christmas Eve Eve!


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  1. Odd question, bit are guys still paleo?i used to love your recipe/grocery haul videos!