Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Giggle Box

We stayed home all day again today.

"Hello, I'm new here."
(A gift from David's brother and his family)
It's been a nice break but I am looking forward to running errands tomorrow. Tomorrow is also dance day so we'll pretty much only be home for naps. 

We filled our day with a lot of art work:

Double fisting. He's an artist at work!
He painted a wolf, a lion, a bear and a potty...

Playing in the play room: 

Putting Logan in all of the cute short sleeve onsies that he can't wear out in the cold weather:

Working out:

He's rolled belly to back a few times now!
I did my work out today too!!

Singing songs:

And giggling:

It seems as though a giggle box switch was flipped overnight. He was laughing before but it sounded like it was trapped. Like he didn't quite yet know how to let it out. Today, he was straight up laughing all day long and it was pretty adorable. 

Even though the weather was cold and misty and we weren't able to get outside, we had a really good, low key day together.

~ Sarah

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