Saturday, December 13, 2014

He's A Trooper

We went to our nephew's 5th birthday party today!  

There was putt putt, pizza,

and games!

The older kiddos stayed for some lazer tag and roller skating but we decided to leave so the boys could nap and David could put some time in on the house.

Ayden had a blast.  He really thrives around older kids.  Logan was passed from grandparent to grandparent to auntie and was happy as could be the whole time!  He sure is a trooper.

David has a work party planned for tomorrow.  He has a few friends, along with his dad of course, coming to help out and he is hoping they will finish the one retaining wall.  I am planning on making a big pot of chili so we can feed everyone as a thank you.  The day is supposed to be pretty nice (at least for this time of year) so I'm hoping to get the boys out for some fresh air!


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