Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dinner and A Movie

Nothing too exciting to report today which means it was a pretty low key and relaxing day. 

We spent the early morning enjoying Ayden's Christmas gifts. We went to the farmer's market where we picked up some chili along with our usual items and brought it David and his dad at the building site for lunch. Then the boys took naps while I worked on the house. 

When David got home we had a fun night out together as a family. We went to see Night At the Museam at a dinner and movie theater. Ayden wanted a "salad sandwich" and if that request wasn't funny enough, they actually had an option to get a couple of their salads in pitas. What are the chances??  Logan slept in the Moby for most of the movie  and nursed for a while when he did wake up. He didn't make a peep, but we were pretty certain he wouldn't.   

The forecast is supposed to be rainy tomorrow so David is going to spend some quality time with the boys while I spend some quality time with our house!  


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1 comment:

  1. I must say you have a very mellow infant. To be able to take him to a movie says a lot about his dimeaner. I never could do that with my daughter. She had colic and we were lucky to go to a restaurant when she was 3 months. She cried and was upset after about 20min. She is 18 months now. Shes gotten better.