Sunday, December 28, 2014

Resolution Radar

As December comes to a close I have the new year on my radar. Who do I want to be?  What would I like to accomplish?  For 2014, I wanted to be more of a forward thinker. There were several other resolutions but this was what I really focused on and I feel like I made a lot of progress in that area. This year, I want to take the same resolution even further.


I was talking to David after Christmas and reflecting on the whole thing. As a parent, I like to do extra things here and there to make it all extra magical for my kids and I'm pretty sure I am not alone. My mother did it for us and because of my experience as a child, I want to pass the same magic down to my children. 

Homemade gifts, shopping for gifts, wrapping said gifts, baking cookies, Christmas PJs, etc etc. some of these things aren't necessary but they are what make it the most wonderful time of the year... for the kids. For the parents, it makes it the most tiring part of the year in most cases. Well I want to have both. I want to provide fun traditions and magical memories for my children but I also want to be able to relax and enjoy it all as it unfolds. 

My resolution this year is going to try to be at least a month ahead for every major event that takes place in 2015. For example, Halloween costumes put together (homemade or not) in September, Christmas gifts assigned and purchased throughout the year but completed and wrapped in November. Shopping lists, bucket lists and a calendar for Christmas fun planned out and everything ready to go the first of the month (unless it's super parishable) so we have everything we need without taking precious time to make extra trips to the store. 

It is difficult for me to work on things when I don't have a serious deadline so I am going to *try* to train myself to have much earlier deadlines for these things so that when the actual events roll around, all I'll have to do is pull some stuff out of a closet and then enjoy them with my family. 

If I can't make this happen, none of it will be worth it. This year will be sort of a test. If I can pull it off then I will continue to make homemade things and have lots of traditions. If I can't then I'm going to have to let some things go. Extra things that make holidays, birthdays and such so magical won't really have the desired effect if I am not able to be present (and rested enough) to happily experience and enjoy it with my family. If someone truly wants something, they'll make it happen, right?  

I am going to continue to work on all of my other resolutions from last year too because they are all still applicable to me and our family. Have you given your resolutions for 2015 any thought? If so, list them below!


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  1. I was thinking the same exact thing this year Sarah. I love the extra special touches but I found I spread myself a little thin running errands at the last minute due to my lack of preparations. This is my goal to get holidays extras do e so I can actually enjoy the season and have down time. Maybe we can hold each other accountable ☺ I am already thinking valentine's day February Fun..

  2. I can be quoted as saying, "time to prepare for the next holiday" in the Christmas video I put together this year. I also want to be better at staying ahead of deadlines, but hadnt thought about making a specific goal to be one month ahead every month. I think this is great, however and might just copy you! Thanks for the motivation as always!