Monday, December 8, 2014

Early To Bed

This boy's imagination is flourishing!!

Here he is making the garlic press and its scraper talk to one another.
(In his "pumpkin head" shirt that he picked out himself, nonetheless.)
He makes anything and everything talk and such simple objects can keep him entertained for decent chunks of time once he gets in the mood to make them chat. And the things he makes them say are so funny!

We had cookie decorating at play group today!

Of course Ayden was a fan.

Both boys took monster naps once we got home and had lunch.  

Logan is putting himself to sleep more and more.
The best part of the day had to be that the weather was decent enough for us to go for a walk.

Telling me that RJ the raccoon (from Over The Hedge) was running towards us in the field next to our driveway.  He was going to come home and eat dinner with us...

Logan fell asleep in the wrap on our way back so I transferred him to the pack n play and he took his third multi-hour nap of the day, second of which in his own bed. His sleep habits are still so surreal to me!

We have shifted Ayden's bedtime a half hour earlier. Since we can't get him outside as much he has been getting the crazies in the evenings. He still sleeps just as long in the mornings, and falls asleep easily once he's in bed, so we feel like the shift will do us a lot of good. Ayden gets a little more sleep and David and I get another half hour to decompress and get things done before having to go to bed ourselves. 

It also gives me some quiet time to rock this baby because he is growing waaay to fast. 

He'll be 3 months old to morrow and, OH so snuggly.

Does anyone else have earlier bedtimes for your kids in the Winter?  It feels natural to kind of adjust according to how much daylight is available.  I'd be willing to bet that our cave-dwelling ancestors slept more in the Winter too...


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