Saturday, December 20, 2014

Man Night

Today we had 4 things on our to do list. 

1) Go buy our ball and burlap Christmas tree (we've had a table top cut tree as a place holder since live trees are not happy inside for so long). 

2) Logan's 3 month photo shoot

3) Make apple cinnamon ornaments so they will be dry in time for our play group friends to decorate when we host on Monday: 

4) Have some fun!  Mommy and Logan went to a Christmas party for the dance studio at my parents' house and Ayden and daddy had a man night. They used their shovels to dig a pit, cut some wood, built a fire and cooked their dinner over it. 

David put Ayden to bed and Logan and I didn't get home until 10:30. Logan was a trooper and all of the dance moms were fightig over who would get to snuggle him next. I took honey for the white elephant game and it was a big hit. I just LOVE sharing our honey so I was happy to have another reason to do so. I needed a new robe and lucky for me, one of the gifts was the softest, coziest robes ever with a $15 iTunes gift card tucked into the pocket. It was like bartering...  I traded a jar of honey for a much needed new robe. It was a fun night. 


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  1. The campfire night looks so fun for a toddler! I bet he loved it!