Monday, December 29, 2014

Dirty Minded Husbands

We had such a good time at play group today!  I think everyone needed some play time (moms included) after all of the holiday hustle and bustle. We talked about so many things ranging from what everyone got for Christmas to how we all just want to wear elastic waist bands after holiday indulgences to our dirty minded husbands. We had some good laughs and great conversation. The kids all played so well together too. We can really see some shifts in dynamic as they are all getting closer to three. Less parallel play and fighting over things to cooperative play and talking things out. It is really neat to watch them all grow!

Here is some Logan sweetness from today: 

I have forgotten to show some house progress photos the past few days so here goes!

We try not to think too far into the why behind all of this warm for December weather and are just enjoying and taking advantage of it. It's supposed to be getting really cold by New Year's Day though!


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And two years ago today: "Misery Loves Company"

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