Friday, December 19, 2014

Taking Notes

David and I talk a lot about how different Logan's life is already in comparison to how Ayden had it as an infant. He has a little les of us than Ayden did but at the same time he has more because of Ayden.

Watching the big kids play at play group.
He's totally taking notes.

As of right now he is a quiet observer and we can just see the wheels turning while he's taking notes. Ayden did not have constant access to other children to help mold and model for him. Ayden does and will continue to play a huge roll in what/how Logan learns and who he will become (along with all of Ayden's friends). There wouldn't be a way around that even if we wanted it. 

I have mentioned before that birth order fascinates me and I resist the urge to go out of my way to do things exactly the same this time around. Part of me feels the need to do that out of "fairness" but the reality is that Logan is his own little person and there is absolutely nothing wrong with him leading his own little life. We will keep things as even and fair as we can as time passes but we will also try to remember to let life be what it is for him. 

I will take the time to document milestones and such for Logan as I did for Ayden (I am a stereotypical 3rd born with only a fraction of childhood photos compared to my sisters) but other than that we are just going to live life the way it is and try not to feel guilty about how much less one on one parent time that Logan gets when compared to baby Ayden. There are pros and cons no matter where you fall in birth order and it all evens out in the end (hopefully!)


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  1. I was telling my hubby the other day that our baby-on-the-way will have less attention and one-on-one time than our first but that is okay. That is just the natural of having children. Of course we will give him as much attention as we can but we also have a toddler that we need to show love and affection to. It's interesting that we can't do much about it. Based on your and Kelsey's (plusoneplease) second sons, I can see they are doing just fine!