Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lost And Found

I finally started decking our halls today!

Ayden decorated his very own tiny tree with our tiniest of ornaments.
We are getting into the Christmas spirit around here!
We popped popcorn from our CSA last summer and had another family movie night. We snuggled together on the couch and Logan slept through the whole thing.

The cutest mini popcorn ever!

Watching it pop.  It's magical.

The weather has been so extremely dreary and I can feel it in my mood. Mama needs some sunshine in her life!  Tomorrow is supposed to be nicer so David is going to put in some time at the house and I hope to take the boys to the park or something. 

I misplaced my phone all day today. I finally found it in one of the pockets in our pack n play. I guess I left it there during a diaper change this morning and then covered it with a burp cloth. Guess I was hiding it from myself...

What do you do when the short and gloomy days start to get to you?  


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