Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry 1st Christmas, Logan!

Our day some how ran smoothly from start to finish.  Naps ran late and there was NO predictability (along with a little sugar sprinkled in here and there) and we somehow made it through the day with only a couple of very typical toddler moments.

We weren't sure how Ayden would be with opening gifts this year.  We were prepared for an opportunity to teach lessons about graciously receiving and the joy of giving but Ayden did not need our help.  He was excited to give gifts to his grandparents and was filled with grattitude and warm fuzzies for every gift he opened.  He took his time and wanted to explore each gift before moving on to the next.  We will prepare for possibly teaching the same lessons for his upcoming birthday and again for Christmas next year but for now, he's doing great all on his own and we feel so proud of him.

Logan was his wonderful, mellow self on his first Christmas even though he didn't get a decent nap in until the afternoon.  We didn't get home until after 10pm and somehow both boys hung in there without any major meltdowns and both went right to sleep.  This year's Christmas was another magical day for the record books!  I've put together some video clips from our morning (along with a couple bonus clips from Daddy making Logan laugh at bed time) and a slide show from all of the photos we took over the last couple of days.  They are long but if you are interested in watching I hope you enjoy!


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