Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy 2 Months, Logan!

2 Months old!
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Mr. Logan has some pretty awesome head control (with the occasional bobble) and LOVES to be held sitting up so he can look around. No more cradling this baby unless you are willing to nurse him. He also loves to be held so he can practice standing. He pushes his little legs against any solid surface and locks his knees. He smiles at EVERYONE. He does not discriminate and will therefore spread his cheer to anyone who will talk to him. He is still Mr. Mellow and wakes up peaceful and smiling, even if I wake him up. At night he is sleeping anywhere from 2-4 hour stretches typically. It all seems to depend on how much he nurses during the day. If he eats every two hours then he'll give me a 4 or 5 hour stretch at night. If he nurses every 3 hours he will wake more in the night to make up for those calories. I was waking him and feeding him every two hours but now I just let him sleep.  I am nursing purely on demand now so it is all up to him. He is also cooing away and reaching out to explore toys or anything else that may be within reaching distance. 

Likes: Being sung to, being worn, nursing, being talked to, diaper changes, belly raspberries, his family (especially mommy). 

Dislikes: being over tired, being hungry, having a dirty diaper, going too long without snuggles and getting a shot (we learned this today and it is by FAR his strongest dislike ever). 

Two months and two days ago:

I can't believe how much Logan has grown and changed since the day he came Earthside. 

We had a pretty leisurely morning. I wanted to take the boys to the park today. It was overcast but the high was 60 and the rain decided to hold off until the evening. The only thing is, Logan is beginning to nap like a rockstar. This is a wonderful thing but it has left poor Ayden stuck inside on some pretty beautiful days. My original plan was to leave at 10 but by the time he finally woke up we were out the door at 11:30. 

He also slept in the wrap the whole time we were there. Ayden had a group of similar aged kids to play with (their moms all went to high school with me so I got to chat some too).  When everyone else left for lunch I strapped Ayden into the stroller and power walked the walking path a couple of times. There are some decent hills and this out of shape mama got her heart rate up, broke a sweat and got a nice little endorphine rush. Mission accomplished. 

Ayden fell asleep on the way home so I transferred him to his crib and Logan hung out in his bouncy seat while I ate lunch and got our things, along with a to go lunch for Ayden, ready for Logan's 2 month well visit.  I got the car loaded and had to wake Ayden up so we could get there a little early. 

10lb 6oz, 22.75" long
Growing boy!!

Not pictured was how difficult Ayden decided to be while we were at the doctor. David took the day off from work yesterday to go to the dentist with us and work on the house so he wasn't able to take time off again today. I think Ayden was not used to/did not like Logan getting all of the attention from the nurse and doctor there. I tried to include him as much as I could but the switch had already been flipped. Between feeling guilty about Logan getting his first shot and crying harder than he has yet to date and Ayden's challenging behavior,  I was pretty frazzled when I left and it took me a long time to get the positive pep back in my step. 

David could tell that I was drained and needed some space so after dinner he took Ayden with him to take care of something at his parents house and I fed and cuddled Logan, wrote this post and cleaned up the kitchen in a quiet house. Lesson learned: I'm pretty sure I shall not be taking both kids to the doctor by myself again unless there is some desperate reason to. 

Our morning was wonderful and the afternoon was challenging. It's all about balance in this universe of ours. Happy 2 month birthday, baby boy!  We love you SOOO much!!!  

And now I shall leave you with Logan's 2 month interview cuteness:


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  1. At my kiddos' last well check my 3 year old started crying when the younger 2 got their shots. He said "I didn't want them to hurt my baby brother and sister!" So even though only 2 of them got shots, the whole lot of them were crying! It's funny when you look back, but definitely frazzling in the moment! I feel your pain!!

  2. P.S. I LOVED his interview. So stinkin' sweet!

  3. Wow, two months already. Time sure flies by. He is such a cute little boy.