Saturday, November 1, 2014

Getting Out

We LOVE getting out of the house. Breathing fresh air, getting a change of scenary, having some fun. The only problem is physically getting out the door. Packing what you'll need the night before can help. So can getting everyone dressed first thing in the morning, hours before you need or want to be anywhere. But sometimes we have days where we just want a lazy morning, when hitting the ground running doesn't sound appealing at all. Those are the days that getting out of the house can be such a struggle. Now that the weather is getting cold there is another element added to the chaos of getting out the door with two kids. 

Life is about give and take. On the days where I am working all day on getting everyone dressed first thing, doing dishes, laundry, tidying, packing for the next day, etc. things run smoothly and we can get places on time. On days when I actually sit, take a breath, and relax we are stressed when it comes time to get out the door and we end up running late. At this stage in our lives we just have to make the decision about which scenario we'd rather endure and go with it. Someday we will have more time than we know what to do with to relax and will only have ourselves to worry about getting out the door. I'd be willing to bet that when those days come we will miss the chaos of when just getting out the door was one of the hardest parts of our days. 


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  1. I'm in constant motion myself because when I'm not I always regret it. It's hard sometimes, but just as you said, it only lasts so long. I know someday I will miss this time in my life.