Saturday, November 15, 2014

Homesteader Daydreamer

Today was a whirlwind of a day. I spent the first half of the day cleaning and packing for a weekend trip to Nashville. Ayden helped me by riding on the vacuum while I pulled it around. Logan was a napping champ again. His morning nap was a little over an hour and his mid day nap was a whopping 3 hrs. He must be going through his 9 week growth spurt (aparantly they have one every three weeks?). 

Whatever it is, I am not complaining though he sleeps long enough for me to miss him terribly. Ayden and I kept going in to check on him only to find him still snoozing away, moving his little chin like he was dreaming about nursing. When we were getting Ayden ready for his nap we peeked in to see him waking up. When he saw us he smiled so big like he missed us too. He is such a sweet, special little boy!

I have been pinning a lot of homesteading inspiration lately and it has reminded me to truly appreciate what we already have going for us. We live in the country which is my pace, quiet and peaceful. We have hens that give us beautiful, delicious and nutritious eggs. 

And we have bees who worked so hard all Summer to give us beautiful, deliciously sweet and nutritious honey that we have been able to share with those we love. 

My dad's friend who gifted our original 14 Rhode Island Reds to us has an extra incubator. Now that we are down to only 5 hens, we have plans to either adopt or borrow a rooster along with his incubator so we can hatch and raise our own chicks in the Spring. I also plan on growing a small vegetable garden with Ayden next Summer. David will still be busy with house stuff but I think Ayden will be ready for a project and Logan will be old enough to ride on my back in a carrier or hang out with a grandparent while Ayden and I tend to it. We don't want to bite off more than we can chew but I told David that if it gets overwhelming, or doesn't work out the way we pictured, we can just abandon it and call it fertilizer for the next year. No harm done. This is going to be a long, hard Winter but it will be a segway to more forward motion for our future homestead. In the meantime I will continue to Pin and read anything and everything that inspires me and keeps me excited. Here's hoping that having Ayden grow his own vegetables will make him just as big of a veggie monster as he is a fruit monster!  A mom can only hope...


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  1. Surprisingly my son is a veggie monster! I love it! He loves blueberries and oranges the most but he could eat cucumbers and carrots all day. The funny thing is he definitely has his share of junk food from time to time but that doesn't change his love for the good stuff.