Sunday, November 30, 2014


We made it home safe and sound. Both boys traveled really well.  We stopped twice for Ayden to potty (Logan nursed one of those times) and once for lunch (Logan nursed again while we ate). The 4 hour drive ended up being more like 5.5 but that's life with little ones. 

Overall the trip was good.  We played games, ate delicious foods, saw some beautiful scenery and got to have some quality time with family we don't get to see often.  Ayden had a hard time going so long without consistency and predictability for this current stage that he is in. He was very sensitive and seemed anxious when unexpected things would happen; which made him melt down really easily. A good example of this was when we had to turn a movie off when it was time for dinner. At home, we don't have the TV on all the time. When we do turn it on, we choose something specific to watch and then sit and watch the whole thing. He just could not wrap his head around why we'd turn off a perfectly good movie while he was still enjoying it. His toddler mind had a difficult time going with the flow with things like that whenever they'd come up.  We had to help him through several melt downs a day which is definitely more than he has normally. David and I were able to keep our patience all weekend, we all survived and the best way for us to look at it was that the experience gave him a lot of learning opportunities. 

When we got home, Logan and I got to work on unpacking while David and Ayden ran out to the post office and the kennel to pick up the pets. We had leftovers from the trip for dinner and ended up getting most of the unpacking done already, along with two loads of laundry. 

I am so excited to decorate the house for Christmas throughout this week though I can't really believe it's time already. We enjoyed our trip but we are glad to be home. Our own comfy bed is calling my name.  Back to normalcy tomorrow with a much needed dose of playgroup friends!


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