Monday, November 3, 2014

Built In Play Mate

I'm beginning to get a taste of what play time will be like now that Ayden has a built in play mate.

He loves being around Logan and will find ways to be near him whenever he can.  I'm pretty sure Ayden is an extrovert like his daddy.  I'm pretty sure giving him a sibling was a good move on our part.  The interesting part will be if Logan turns out like me and is more introverted...  I suppose if David and I make that arrangement work, we can help our boys make it work too.

Logan got tired on his play mat and started to fuss.  How he calms and settles in as soon as I pick him up never gets old.  Mamas have pretty powerful powers if you ask me!

Successful transfer for his morning nap!
Just like his brother, he stays asleep so much better on his belly.

We had play group at a new friend's house today.  Ayden and I were the only two from the group to make it and we had a really good time.  Ayden must have worn himself out because he took a monster nap.  Their naps were spaced really well today.  Logan was awake for the first little while so we got to have some quiet time together:

Haha, I'd want to laugh at me too if I saw me making that face.

When he got tired I got him down for his nap and had some quiet time to myself.  Then Ayden woke up while Logan finished his nap and we had time together.   I think that is my ideal napping situation for sure!

We ended our evening with our last midwife appointment. Logan weighed in at 9lb 15oz.  He's a happy and growing boy!!


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