Friday, November 21, 2014

A Real Helper

We have sons!!

Our Ayden has done a lot of growing up here lately. He stopped me twice in my tracks yesterday by doing and saying such big boy things. 

I gave him two choices.  Help me with the dishes or quietly read books.
He ACTUALLY chose one of the choices I provided rather than come up with his own third, very unreasonable choice.  PROGRESS! WIN! SUCCESS! haha

His mannerisms, reasoning skills, empathy, sharing, etc.  Something has clicked.  He still wants to do whatever  I am doing all of the time but his "help" really is HELP. 

After "reading" 5 or 6 books he decided to come help me after all.
Still, one of the two choices I gave him for that time frame.  YAY!

I've got a whole post planned on his recent breakthrough with listening and following directions. He still has his "tenaciously two going on threenager" moments but he is really growing up. He will be three in exactly two months from today, actually.

And then there's this guy...

I love him so much I'm worried I'm going to eat him!
SUCH a delicious baby :)

Life is beautiful. 


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