Tuesday, November 18, 2014

5 Happy Things: It's Still Fall Darnit!

The boys and I made a Target run this morning. It was snowy and blustery and getting out the door was 10 times more difficult than it was before. It seriously made me consider becoming a hermit for the rest of the Winter and the kicker?  The kicker is that it's technically not yet even Winter...  So, in an effort to keep my spirits up during my efforts to buck up and take on this "brutal Winter with two kids" thing on full force (WITH a positive arttitude I might add) it is time for a 5 happy things post. 

1.  Ayden is REALLY into letters.  He made an A out of his banana peel this morning.
(he's also pointing out lower case A's too!)
That makes this teacher mama happy and proud!

2. Once we get out of the house, we enjoy our time together.
That makes it worth it (at least that's what I keep telling myself!)

3. Polly has discovered her new favorite family member.
Whichever one of us is sitting the most wins.
It used to be me but I don't really sit much these days...

4. Setting up Ayden's Thanksgiving themed sensory box.
Even though it seems like Winter outside, t's still Fall, darnit!!

5. These boys.  Enough said...
And a bonus happy thing: happy little conversations with our favorite 10 week old!

For those of you who have actual brutal Winters, more power to you, I'm sorry and thank you.  Realizing what you all have to endure helps me keep things in perspective. ;)


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  1. I live in CA so we (where I live) don't even get snow! We're getting quite a bit of rain right now which CA needed so badly and my 2.5 year old loves watching it rain from the window. I worry about my husband commuting to school but other than that, the weather doesn't affect us much. But it usually super mild and we barely have to bundle up to play outside.