Monday, November 17, 2014


This little one slept until 11:45 this morning...

He had a typical night but when he woke for a 5:00 am feeding he was fidgety and wasn't falling back to sleep. I got up and changed his diaper and tried nursing him to sleep again but it was more of the same. I was tired but couldn't go back to sleep with him wiggling and grunting so I got up and brought him out to the kitchen to get a few things done. I find that staying in bed when I'm tired but can't sleep just makes me miserable and crabby. If I get up and get going I am still tired but at least feel productive. He ended up falling back to sleep in his bouncy seat so I wrapped him tightly in a warm blanket and took him back to bed. By that time Ayden and David were supposed to be waking up soon so I just stayed up. Then Logan proceeded to sleep for 5 more hours...  

I had time to complete my morning routine tasks, made some kale chips, stuck the remains of a whole chicken I roasted last week in the crockpot to make a batch of bone broth, cleaned out the pantry, and got a 20 minute workout in. 

My body feels so weak and I want to start exercising so I can feel strog again. This was something I could never do during Ayden's first couple of years and then I was just out of the habit. My motivation is different this time around, though. I'm still dropping my "baby weight" slowly but surely so weight loss is not my concern nor my focus (at least not at the moment).   I don't like feeling weak so I just want to start doing workouts to move towards being nice and strong again. 

I'm starting small with 20 minute workouts. Today I used a great app that I recommend to any mom of young kids:

It has a lot of variety and workout increments of 10, 20 and 30 minutes. 

Perfect for busy moms!
I chose a 20 minute full body workout. It had me do 20 exercises for a minute each. It has verbal instructions, actual video examples of the exercises, a countdown, and a pause button (which came in handy since I was doing the workout in the playroom while Ayden played). There wasn't any music which I liked since I was interacting with Ayden while I exercised. I guess it would also be a nice feature if you like to work out to your own music. 

Ayden and I kept checking on Logan to make sure he was okay because he just slept and slept. I'm just not used this whole baby who actually sleeps thing but I am not complaining. It is nice to have predictable me time!  It's also nice to have time to focus on this guy:

When Logan finally did wake up we went out for his first snow!

Ayden and I even built a tiny snowman in his honor. 

It must have tuckered him out because he was back at it in no time...

I am going to try and do a 20 minute workout at least three days this week.

Logan says he's going to join me in the challenge.
It's always nice to have a workout buddy.

"I'm holding you accountable mom.  I'll be watching!"
I'm starting small so I can succeed so we'll see how it goes!

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