Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Let There Be Laughter

This morning I had one kid getting his hands cold by melting an ice block with warm water:

And another who was all bundled up, trying to keep warm. 

The upstairs of our drafty cottage stays MUCH warmer than the downstairs so I have a feeling we'll be spending a lot of time up there this winter!

Just finished 30 minutes of Yoga.
2 workouts down for this week and only one to go!

Next on the agenda was lunch (leftovers from last night's dinner which is a new favorite around here!) and nap. 

He's getting easier to transfer.  He took his whole nap in his bed!

Polly joined, of course.
I was folding laundry in the same room so I was able to keep checking to make sure she didn't snuggle TOO close to his head...

After nap, while I finished folding and putting away some laundry, Logan spit up a little.  Ayden was talking to him at the time so he reached over to the burp clothes I had folded and stacked near him and wiped the spit up away.  He wasn't rough enough for Logan to care but I wanted to teach him to be even more gentle.  I grabbed the burp cloth and dabbed it on Logan's little mouth while making a silly sound and he LAUGHED for the first time.  The sounds in our house just got a little sweeter. He's still new at it but it's just going to get better and better.  Logan's giggles will now add to the music around here. LOVE it!

Here are a couple of video clips from today and one includes some pretty cute baby laughs.

It's Wednesday which means studio time:

And a crock pot meal for dinner. Tonight's was balsamic chicken over green salad with raisins and avocado. It hit the spot!

We got the boys to bed and now for some down time!  We had a great day but Logan's emerging laughter was by far the highlight!


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And two years ago today: "Turn That Frown Upside Down"

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  1. Oh my GOSH!! You must be an angel! I would SERIOUSLY freak if I saw a cat in my babies crib. Disgusting beyond words. And so unsafe. In fact I would probably have a heart attack. I love animals, but that cat is crossing her boundaries And needs serious discipline.

    1. Jeepers. I said I was there the whole time. She is not allowed in our bedroom when we sleep at night and sheets can be changed. I would not call myself any kind of angel but there was nothing life threatening about this specific situation. Plus, this boy is headed for farm life. He will be exposed to a lot more than lying next to a cat during his childhood... I almost left this photo out knowing it may get some sort of response like this but when our old girl is gone it will be nice to look back on that time she snuggled next to our baby.

    2. I am also sorry that, in a post where I shared that he LAUGHED for the first time, the cat was what you chose to focus and comment on. You missed the happiest part :(

    3. It's funny how people can look at a split second moment of your 24 hour day & make assumptions. Don't worry about it, of course he was safe. & oh my god his laugh! Adorable! Your boys are beautiful

  2. Oh goodness! Those boys are so well loved there is no doubt that you always have their best intentions/safety in mind. That laugh is so precious and surely proof of the happy life you and David make for them! So so sweet.

    1. You've always got my back, girl. Thank you ;)

  3. Sarah, please don't let people like "anonymous" stop you from sharing your life with your readers! The cat needs discipline?! Really? That's how you know it's a troll looking to start trouble, not someone with genuine interest or concern. Your posts are so much fun to read! I love to check out what's happening on a weekly basis, especially since my little girl was born on the very same day as Logan! She recently started giving me some sweet little laughs too! This is an amazingly precious time. I feel that we are finally being rewarded for all the hard work of the last two months.

    1. Thank you so much. Haha, I know right? I think if I tried to discipline my cat she'd just give me the stink eye and then curl up in my lap. SOOO cool that your little girl and Logan share a birthday! It is such a sweet time and it's going by waaay too fast for me this time around.