Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Naps Naps Naps

This morning FLEW by!  

Play room fun during Logan's first nap of the day.
Lunch with Daddy then a Mommy and Ayden fro yo treat during his second nap of the day.

Ayden fell asleep on the way home and proceeded to take an almost THREE hour nap. I put dinner in the crock pot, put away all of our clean dishes, tidied up the place and... 

Logan helped me fold laundry.
Any chore with this view is actually fun!

Logan napped again on our way to dance and through my first class.  Then he lay awake on a blanket and was completely entertained with all of the music to listen to and dancers to watch.  He was content like that for about an hour and then he got hungry.  I fed him and then this happened during my last class.

Nap number 4 of the day!
He woke up when we got home and was all smiles while David got in some quality time with him.  He nursed while we read Ayden his bed time stories and then fell asleep for the night at around 8:15.  He will wake up as often as he needs to nurse throughout the night but he gets the job done and we both fall back to sleep quickly.  There hasn't been a single night where we were up all night with him and for that we are SOOO grateful.  

This good sleeper/easy baby thing is a little (or maybe a LOT) foreign to us.  Ayden was always pretty easy to get to sleep but he could never put himself back to sleep if he woke up.  He would always wake up at the 45 minute mark when they are supposedly transitioning through one sleep cycle to the next and then could never get himself back to sleep.  I've peeked in on Logan to find him lying there quietly with his sleepy little eyes open and then again a few minutes later to find that he's asleep again.  Our experience with Ayden opened my eyes to how some things can be tough and that has really allowed me to truly appreciate the ease of a lot of things this time around.  I thank Logan daily for bringing a little mellow into our lives and I think he and Ayden balance each other very nicely.


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  1. I heard that kids who are on the thin, underweight side often have more behavior challenges then those kids who are aaverage in weight. My daughter is very underweight and extremely picky eater. My doctor told me to give her more fats which is very important for their development. I try giving her whole organic milk which is delicious btw, butter, avocado, etc. She only takes the butter on her bread every morning. Anyway, she gets challenging. I think mellow kids are often content because they are not deficient in nutrients.

    1. Not always. My son was always a healthy weight & ate an extremely balanced diet, but he's definitely been challenging! I'm sure being nutritionally challenged doesn't help but in my opinion it's more a personality thing

    2. Ayden has always been considered "under weight" but we have always just thought it was his norm genetically. He eats very well but is small for his age so who knows... We have always just accepted him for the spirited child he is and take it one day at a time.

    3. I agree, Kate. I am sure nutrient deficiencies play a roll but I think a lot of Ayden's challenges are personality...