Thursday, November 6, 2014


This is turning out to be a week full of time at home. 

I am thinking it may be a taste of what the colder weather will bring. I see a lot of decluttering and organiziation projects to fill the time in my future and I'm looking forward to it!

We usually go to story time on Thursday mornings but Ayden was running a low grade fever.  He is cutting his top two year molars at the moment and I assumed that may have been the cause but we still didn't go, just in case. 

Instead we had a low key morning full of snuggles and laziness (after I got us all ready for the day of course).   

As the morning progressed, I thought Ayden's temperature was rising but one of our thermometers died on us and the other is MIA (the resident obsessive button pusher also known as Ayden must have found a "better" place to keep it) so I had no way of knowing for sure. I had a small grocery list so we ran out to stock up on some fruit and grab a thermometer while we were at it. 

We are giving gum a try.
This was his second time chewing it and he did great!
(The first time he accidentally swallowed while taking a drink of water)

Other than taking a really long nap, Ayden was acting himself. He fell asleep on the way home from the grocery so I did not take his temp until he woke up two and a half hours later. It was 101.3*. He was content to read books, color and such while I got a TON of housework done. 

Logan slept in the wrap practically all day.
He must be growing too!

I have been putting forth effort to keep Ayden out of Logan's face and washed my hands more often than usualut the reality is that they were still around each other all day. Ayden didn't get his first big fever until he was 11 months old which is a perk of being an only child I suppose...  I know we most likely will not be so lucky with Logan but I definitely don't want him to catch whatever Ayden has. His temp was very high when he went to bed. We gave him A dose of Motrin before we tucked him in and have an alarm set to check on him in the night in case we need to re-dose. This is our first time dealing with any type of sickness since becoming parents of two and it doesn't seem possible to properly quarantine the boys from each other, especially since I am alone with them both all day. Here's hoping that the immunities in my breast milk and spending practically the whole day in the wrap will have at least lessoned the chance of Logan getting as sick as Ayden. Only time will tell I suppose...

How do you handle it when one of your kids gets sick?  How do you keep the germs from spreading through everyone in your household?

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  1. My daughter caught my cold but I am still nursing. I have her on antibiotics for ear infection too, thank goodness for meds. I would be exhausted wearing a baby all day. You are so on top of things. I am a HUGE scatter brain and ADHD so it does affect me and others in ways