Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sleeping Baby!

Snuggly morning.
He's gotten so big yet he's still so tiny!
Trip to Lowes with Daddy before he got to work on the house.
Shopping with a view.

I've been working on mastering nursing with the ring sling.
Makes busy times with two kids much easier!
Both kiddos had big naps at the same time.
Yay for quiet time to be productive!
Can anyone tell that I like to take pictures of my sleeping baby?  Can't help myself.

When the boys woke up I took them out to the building site and Ayden had fun helping David and crew dig the trenches for our walk out basement retaining walls.

Out for some grocery shopping.
Ayden ate this ENTIRE container of tomatoes while we shopped.
It was funny to scan the empty container... 
Already having brother play time.
I can't get enough of this!
Happy Sunday, everyone.  Ours sure was!


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