Thursday, November 13, 2014

Built In BFFs

These boys are seriously already best friends. 

Ayden loves Logan so much and Logan already thinks Ayden is pretty awesome. 

Because he totally is! ;)

Logan was awake during most of story time so Ayden was helping him clap his hands and pointing out body parts to him while we sang the songs. It's like Ayden and I are taking Logan to baby story time rather than me taking them both. 
After story time we got some lunch at Whole Foods and then went to one of my favorite places!

A fabric/hobby store!!
Ayden fell asleep on the way home so Logan and I had some quiet time together:

Here is my fabric haul:

Will be a car seat cover for Logan.
(Early Christmas gift)
To cover rattle blocks that we are giving as a baby gift.
For drool bandanas.
(Another Christmas gift for Logan.)
I also got a few other things and my mom had a 25% off your entire order coupon that she gave me which was AWESOME!

Now if you will excuse me, I have some sewing to do and I'm pretty excited about it. 

The finished product for the rattle blocks.
My signature baby gift.
They have different colors, contrasts, textures and sounds.
(I'm making another set for Logan for Christmas.)

Do you have a signature baby gift that you like to give?


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  1. Your blog brightens my day!! I learn so much. Thanks for example. Happy two months to Logan! Aren't the vaccines bitter sweet. My baby got them too. My mother is so against them. The mercury and toxic stuff said to help preserve vaccines is awful and sickening. Its okay to feel sad, we mamas cry afterwards. Our poor babies. We want to protect them but at same time feel guilty too. I stager my little's shots too, although my doc feels thats useless. Oh well, whatever helps ease my sadness from those shots. Cute babies, btw. They grow so fast.

  2. Another great idea for me to "file away" until the grandchildren arrive !

  3. do you have a pattern for the drool bandanas?

  4. I would love to make my baby-on-the-way some burp clothes and that kind of stuff. I'll have to keep this post in mind!