Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lasagna Anyone?

Today consisted of a lot of house work and prepping for next year's garden!

Play-doh time!

Brother time

First time in the Bumbo time.
(He was a HUGE fan!)
Garden prep time!

We are giving the no-till lasagna (aka layer cake) method a try.  David will still be working on the house so Ayden and I are going to do most of the gardening next year.  We kept it kind of small and wanted to include him from the very start.  He had a lot of fun "helping" by looking for worms the whole time ;).

Logan slept in the car while the three of us worked.

I got to see the progress they made on the wall yesterday.
I think it looks GREAT!
David hung out with the kiddos most of the evening while I did some MUCH needed deep cleaning in the house.  We've been in maintenance mode since Logan's arrival and our floors and bathrooms needed some TLC.  It feels good going to bed with such a clean house!  Next on the list is tackling all of the random baby gear type stuff that has gone into our office to die.  Once we get that taken care of the whole house will be in pretty good shape!


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