Monday, June 23, 2014

Lazy Days Of Summer

We had another very enjoyable day today.  After our usual morning routine, we started our day with play group which is always one of the highlights of our week.  We swung by the grocery afterward for a few little things and Ayden fell asleep in the car before we got home for lunch.  He luckily snacked a lot while he played but still woke up hungry!  I fed him lunch and got dinner started.  I was making a double batch of chili (half for dinner and half for a freezer meal) and since it was something that would be easy to keep warm until David got home to join us I figured I'd take advantage of Ayden's helpful mood and knock it out early in the day.

My sous chef who insisted that we hold hands while we cooked.
Freezer meal #4.  Bam!
Since dinner was already done by 3:30 we had a couple of hours to just enjoy the beautiful day.  The high today was 92* and it was pretty humid but there was a breeze.  That paired with shade and our new spray bottle fan (which will be my best friend for the rest of the summer!) took the edge off the heat and allowed us to be comfortable enough outside.

Being lazy on the trampoline.
Ayden is proudly showing off his pickle...
After dinner we went to the building site to spend time with David.  Ayden really liked watching him cut the plywood from the doors and windows with the saws all.

Today's building crew.  More sheathing.
David and our dads.
Ayden playing in his room!

A grasshopper hopped right up and landed on his finger.
He got a kick out of that!

My parents climbed "the mountain" of dirt with him to blow bubbles.
He's been wanting to do that for forever!
We are really trying to live in the moment and not wish any time away.  This Summer is one that will be jam packed with memories and we really want to savor each and every one as they are happening.  There is a saying that when your kids are young the "days are long, but the years are short" and I'm okay with that.  Every day can take as long as it wants right now.


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  1. Your such an inspiration! I so want to live in the moment more. My crazy planning personality rarely lets me but I'm trying. Your so right, the days are so short!

    1. I need inspiration some days too!! It's not always easy... Glad I could be yours today :)

  2. My best friend lives in KY and she is always complaining about the humid summer heat there. Good luck with staying comfortable this Summer!

    1. I think I remember you mentioning that once before. Mind my asking where in KY?

  3. Oh yeah I probably have. It sounds dorky, but its sort of cool to me that I have a friend in your state. She's in Southgate, I don't know how near or far that is to you. She loves the state, but the humidity is hard for her as she's originally from CA and her very curly hair doesn't like it either!!