Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Fresh Paint

Today was David's and my 9th wedding anniversary!  With everything that is going on we did not do much to celebrate.  We feel closer and more connected now than we ever have and we cherish each other so much each and every day. This year our gifts to one another was the freedom to not spend any extra time or energy than we already do to make the other feel special on a daily basis.  It was perfect.  

Our landlord is having the exterior of our rental cottage painted so I decided to run our errands today so we could get out of the way of the painters. 

Another library!  We can't seem to stay away.
This time Logan even had some same-age playmates!

Whole Foods.

The painters will be back to finish tomorrow and I plan for the boys and myself to be home most of the day but at least Maverick had a chance to get used to them so we don't have to hear him bark all day... At least that is what I am hoping!
This place really needed a sprucing so I am really looking forward to seeing the finished product. 


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  1. You were at my library! I live less than a mile from there!!

    1. Thank you! Next time we come over there I'll let you know!!! Or we can just plan to meet up there soon anyway ;)