Monday, May 4, 2015

Play Date Week

We were the only friends who were able to make it to play group this week. Having everyone together is wonderful but one on one is fun too (for  kids and moms alike).  We have another play date set up with some brothers we met at storytime. Ayden loves playing with his play group girls but David and I have been wanting a boy for him to play with too. In this case he'll have two, one younger and one older. It is definitely an added bonus that their family has chickens and horses and actually used to board said horses on the very property we are renting. We live in a smallish town but the world got a little smaller once we started talking for sure!  As if two play dates isn't enough for one week, we have ANOTHER set up for Wednesday.The weather will be BEAUTIFUL and I need to run an errand nearby the park at which we are meeting so that will be super convenient.  We ended our evening with a birthday eve celebration for my father-in-law. 

Happy Monday, folks!


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