Sunday, May 17, 2015

Down By the Station

Polly is a bionical cat. She seems to have bounced back, yet again. This girl has had me on an emotional roller coaster for years!  This does not change the renal failure issues but I suppose it is not as progressed as we thought. She went from sleeping curled up in her litter box and not eating for two days straight to jumping up the shelves of her cat cage and eating and drinking as normal. We are calling the cat cage her "retirement home" because of her old lady messes. Her new rules are to be in the cage, in our laps or outside. No more peeing and puking all over the house!

Today we got to go on a train ride with David's family!

It was really fun. Ayden was SO adorable.

 The ride was an hour and a half and he was completely entertained by the ride itself the whole time!  It was such an enjoyable experience. 

Afterward we all went out for dinner then back to David's parents' house for playing and watermelon. 

After we got the boys to bed David and I moved outside to enjoy the breeze and birdsong.  I am thinking we need to get a hammock...


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