Friday, May 15, 2015

Late Night Gardening

Not too much to report today. We hung around the house for most of it, playing and doing housework. Polly slept most of the day again, only coming out for a sip of water here and there. She hasn't eaten for two days. 

weekly batch of play dough!
book worm

After dinner we all went over to our farm. David and Ayden mowed and I hung out near the car just in case this little one woke up. 

Eventually he did and after letting him at for a little bit I strapped him to my back and weeded out garden. I left my phone in the car or else I'd insert a photo here. It has really taken off!  I am going to need to thin my kale soon which always makes me feel bad. Picking perfectly good plants doesn't feel right to me though none of them will do well if
I leave them to be overcrowded so picking off some is better than losing them all. 

We all stayed out there pretty late and the boys weren't tucked into their beds until after 10:00. Logan slept on and off which we were there and Ayden was covered in mud from his mud kitchen so he needed a bath. I know it's not Summer yet but it sure feels like it. Ayden even got to see the fireflies before he went to sleep
which he loved. I am so glad our boys can go with the flow because as we juggle taking care of two properties and find that there just aren't enough hours in a day, it is difficult to adhere to a strict schedule. Things will level out again over the Winter but until then, we all just have to take life as it comes. 


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