Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bitter Sweet

This boy is blowing our minds.  He is working so hard on free standing.  All day. Everyday.

How is he big enough for such things?!?
There's no story time for a couple of weeks while the library gears up for Summer reading festivities.  We still went to return/check out books and then we had a play date at the nearby park.

Logan has officially passed into voluntary snuggle territory and it sure is sweet!  He has always been cuddly but now he has stepped it up a notch.  He'll give us "hugs" by laying his head down on our shoulder for a few seconds while we are holding him and instead of always nursing to sleep, he'll get his fill then crawl up a little so his face is next to mine before nuzzling in and falling asleep.  And I thought he couldn't possibly capture my heart anymore than he already had.  He is just the sweetest thing.  He and Ayden have kicked their fun up a notch too.  They play "chase" and Logan LOVES crawling around on Ayden's floor bed with him.  They were hilarious together in our tent when we got it set up over the weekend.  It is really a pleasure to see them build their relationship and it's so fun that they actually get to PLAY now!

As bitter as it is to see my babies grow up, the people they grow into, and all of the voluntary affection that comes with that, sure are sweet.


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  1. Love hearing about how Ayden and Logan interact. So sweet!