Tuesday, May 5, 2015


This still blows my mind.

How is Logan getting so big so fast?

Ayden has captured our children's librarian's heart.
Their relationship is so sweet!

Our boy play date at the park was a success!
Their mom invited me on a second date.  Haha.

Making his own homemade play-doh.
we used the first recipe from this blog post.
I know I am biased but I think he is a super talented sculptor for a 3 year old!

This man is amazing.

 He has been noticing how run down I have been.  He sat me down the other night and said we needed to tweak a few things.  One of the changes is that he will be taking every Tuesday evening off from building at the house.  Right after dinner he will play with the boys while I do whatever I want and then we'll get the boys to bed on time (which has us child free by 8pm).  Predictable and consistent me time and one predetermined night a week when the boys go to bed "early".  No matter what happens on all the other days of the week I'll be able to count on Tuesday nights.  We can stay at our farm later if the weather is nice, I can get behind on a few things without feeling like I'll never catch up, I can actually do something with all of the materials I have purchased for projects but never found time to work on. 

I knew I needed this but wasn't able to make it happen for myself.  I am just so grateful for an observant husband who knew exactly how to fix what was weighing me down.  I feel so recharged and my tanks are full.  We've tweaked a few other things too (us both helping each other get to bed earlier for example) and I think that after a week or so we should have a pretty good idea if it's all working out for us and whether or not I am feeling better.  We have SO much going on and it is such a delicate balancing act.  It is also a great adventure and while it has been difficult at times, we are excited and still feel like it is the right direction for our family. 

We are looking forward to another park play date tomorrow!  I'm also hoping to knock out a few errands while we are in the area.  


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  1. I am so glad you get more me time. tired mamas are not good. Is David building the house alone. Maybe hiring more builders could help. It might be more expensive but maybe worth it in the end.

    1. We have discussed this and have decided that we will not spend another Winter in this rental. We are going to keep doing what we are doing through the Summer and if for some reason the house doesn't look like it will be ready for us to move in by Winter, we'll start contracting some things out. It is important to us that David will be able to make a career change sooner rather than later (unhappy dads are not good either...) so it is worth some short term sacrifice if it will help us not require as much income in the long run.