Saturday, May 2, 2015

At It Again

We had a gloriously "normal" day today!  It was technically "Derby Day" but we kind of skipped it this year. If we have a chance for normal these days, we take it! Our good friends were in from out of town and paid us a visit this morning. 

Enjoying post nap snuggles from the snuggle bug.

First time in the sandbox!  He loved it!!
David came with me and the boys to the farmer's market, we stopped by The Home Depot, David mowed our yard over on our farm while the boys napped, we grilled out for dinner and dined al fresco. Maverick was hanging out outside with us and the weather was ideal. It was a nice little "pause" and it was refreshing. There are sayings that sum up the way I feel about today. Things like be thankful for the hard times because they make the easy times that much more enjoyable. We are juggling so much in a daily basis at the moment that when we have an opportunity for things to be slower-paced  we enjoy it that much more!  

"Buzz Lightyear"
I think he nailed it!

Is this really already happening?? 

Mommy's "helper" is at it again!

David gets to have his "big" birthday experience tomorrow and I am so excited for him. The boys and I plan to tag along so hopefully I'll get some pictures to share!

And I almost forgot to add something huge!  The chicks are officially integrated into our existing flock!  I'll have to write a post dedicated to how we did it because it was a bit of a process. Yay for one less thing to do during my morning and evening routines!


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