Thursday, May 7, 2015

Feeling Summery

I found the exact stove for which I was hoping to buy for our new kitchen on a local Facebook garage sale page.  It retails for over $1400 and today I snagged it for $300!  It is like new condition and less than three years old.  The boys and I went to look at it this morning and wrote the check.  We'll go pick it up this weekend.  The seller also had the matching refrigerator and dishwasher but they were already gone.  Guess that's what happens when you price items to sell!  I'm still really stoked about my new range though!  I can already picture myself making dinner for our family with it...

We stopped by my parents' house on our way home and ended up coming home with a blast from my past.

My old Tinker Toys!
It was pretty hot today so we pulled out some Summer fun after nap time.

And we went over to the build site after dinner. 

My new rule is that we have to be IN the car headed home by 7:00.  We spent about an hour there and it was just enough.  The boys were both asleep by 8 and I got to get outside and enjoy the peacefulness of the beautiful evening. My spirits are up for sure and it feels really good!


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  1. I am in the process of planting a garden too. I love how great your lettuce looks. I cant seem to be successful at planting lettuce. It wilts and dies from hot sun. Any tips. Maybe romaine lettuce does better. My mouth is just watering thinking about some paleo tacos with that lettuce. ;)

  2. You all seem to be doing so well at what must be an extraordinarily busy time in your lives. Good for you!