Saturday, May 30, 2015

New Ride

The boys got a new ride this morning!

My friend knew I was on the market for a double jogging stroller so when she saw this one at a garage sale she texted me photos and offered to pick it up for me.  She even delivered it right away and I paid her back.  LOVE having my playgroup mommy friends for so many reasons...

We took a wait and see approach as far as strollers and baby gear go.  For the most part, we use our Baby Jogger City Mini for Ayden and the Ergo for Logan and that suits us just fine.  We also have the glider board just in case I need both kids in the stroller but that really isn't often.  It is getting hotter and more humid, however, and I've been taking a lot of walks to my parents' house or to the build site and Logan and I both get pretty hot.  And Summer has JUST begun! I thought a double jogger would be something we would really use.  

Now that we have the double jogger, I plan to sell our single jogger and another double stroller that we've never used to make the money back.  Again with the selling what we don't use to pay for what we need along with two things out, and only one in. Normally I wold sell items first and literally use that money to purchase the new item.  This time I wanted to have the double stroller before selling the single one since I was making due and using it regularly.  

Logan's face...  He cracks me up!

The brand is My Safari, which I had never heard of, and the best part is that it has all of the features that I love in a stroller.  Nice big basket underneath, both kids have trays with cup holders, the trays flip all the out to the sides so the kids can get in and out easily, the sun shades are separate and detached so I can pull it all the way forward if we are facing the sun, the seats individually recline almost all the way, the front wheel can lock in place or swivel, the control for locking the front wheel is up by the handle, it has a wrist strap so the stroller can't get away from me on a hill or something, the harness straps are VERY easy to adjust.  And just for fun, it has a headphone jack and each child has a little speaker in their sunshade.  My only "complaint," if I would even call it that, is that the light grey color gets dirty REALLY fast.  Overall this was a gem of a garage sale find and I'm so happy with it!  I see even more walks/jogs in our future.

Ayden enjoys having a stroller mate!
In other news, we discovered a mulberry tree on our property.  Always exciting to have something to forage!  I may try to make some honey sweetened mulberry jam.


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  1. Can I ask what you got it for? I want one but they are very pricy. Even at our thrift store, kid to kid, they easily want 175.00. I wonder if I should pay that or keep looking cheaper. 175.00 does seem good for price.

  2. I got it for a steal! $50. It was priced to sell!