Friday, July 17, 2015

Daddy's Boy

We had a wonderfully "lazy" morning. 

Feeding our babies together around the campfire!
That doll he has was my Baby Alive when I was little.
I named her "Samantha" so Ayden calls her "Baby Samamfa"

And by lazy I mean we did not leave the house. Plenty of playing and housework was happening but in my life, that is being lazy. Haha. 

I did have a chiropractic appointment after nap, though. I had an X-ray done so we could better pin point the source of a few significant aches and pains I have been having and the results were terrible. 

From signs of an old whiplash that was never treated properly causing bone spurs in my neck, to bone on bone vertibrae in my lower back, to a completely tilted pelvis which leaves one leg a little longer than the other. I am a complete mess but at least all of my discomforts were validated.

I am a bit worried about what my back and overall health will look like after another 30 years but my chiropractor was optomistoc. He said that though there is some irreversable damage, there are also several "problems" that they can correct. Once they do that I can stay on a "maintanence" plan for the rest of my life. He used the analogy of car tires. If they are out of alignment, things are not going to wear properly. If you get things services regularly, they will last much longer. I am feeling annoyed by the upcoming time that will be spent commuting, the extra visits that our Insurence will not cover and the uncertainty of my future physical health; but this is my back we are talking about here. Not a car. I have to take care of myself so I can remain active in my children's, and hopefully someday my grandchildren's, lives for as long as possible. The next several months just got even busier...

On a much happier note, Logan is becoming a daddy's boy!  

He watched and "called" for Daddy for a long time.

There have been several times during the past few evenings where He will reach for David to hold him or David will be holding him and he turns away from me so he can stay with David. It is so sweet!  I get SO much time with my boys so there are many reasons why I love when they love spending time with their daddy. :)


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  1. My little 9 month old has started preferring Daddy too and I love it! Not only is it so sweet, but gives me a break from being Owen's #1.

  2. That is sweat that ayden is so nurturing. Nurturing boys and men is great. Most people don't allow boys to play with dolls or never offer one to them. I would be worried if he played with dolls at 10, but under 7 years old, I think its adorable.

  3. It sounds like you have a great chiropractor. I've been to some okay ones, but yours sounds wonderful.

    1. He came highly recommended and he is great!