Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer's Flying

Even though time seems to have been speeding up exponentially ever since Ayden was born, I still can't believe we are so far into July already. Where is Summer going?!  

I made a quick trip over to do some work with the bees. The monarch above caught my attention so I took a moment to soak in some of the beauty of Summer. I am hoping the rain and storms let up for the remainder of our Summer so we can have a little more Summer fun before it's over!


Flashback!  Here's what we were up to one year ago today: "Staycation Day 5: Planes!"
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And three years ago today: "Babywearing Basics"

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  1. I have been reading your blog and watching your youtube videos for 4years. I can't believe it. Your life is like a soap opera to me, which I find odd but it's true. It started with watching your trying to conceive videos (I watched them all) and then I felt like I was a loyal watcher of youtube to your channel. As time went on, I began doing the paleo diet to help myself get pregnant (it worked) and then I found you were doing the paleo diet too. I started watching for recipes. As time went on, you stopped doing videos, but I didn't want to just give up on watching, so I turned to your blog and got totally addicted. You are like my reality TV family but on a blog instead. I don't know you, but I feel I do since so many years have passed and I have gotten to know your family. Although I do not agree with your parenting style at all, nor do I agree with how you choose to eat (I believe the paleo diet should be a detox diet for no more then 60 days), but I will say, you really should try to connect with some of your readers and by that, you should answer some of their questions. I notice you usually respond only when you want to defend your point of view. Anyway, I may be reading your blog for the next 10 years or more or how ever long you choose to keep your blog public. I wish I could stop reading but you got me tuned in for sure.

    1. Thank you. I think... I typically respond to comments on a delay and in bulk. t's as good as I can do at the moment. Also, we have not been strictly Paleo for over a year now. Thank you for following our journey.

    2. Anonymous, I too have followed Sarah's videos and blog for several years (though not religiously, just for some occasional positive reading at night), and I do not agree that she has any obligation to the reader. I get a feeling she does this primarily for herself and her family - reflection and documentation. It may seem like she only engages when there are criticisms because anyone else would do the same. Misperceptions need to be corrected and rudeness needs to be called out. And golly, there's so much criticism and not enough positivity! Sarah, I adore your parenting styles and I have you to thank for helping me to become a kinder, more patient parent through example.

    3. I was the first commenter, and I first want to apologize for coming across as rude. I had no intentions of sounding rude. I usually don't leave comments, but a few times I have really wanted advice or wanted a recipe and had gotten no response. The only reason I was critical of no response back was just because I see a pattern of her responding when she is on a defense or something along that lines. Totally understandable, as I am a mom too and I get the whole standing up for what you believe in. I know we as moms get busy and I don't expect her to respond all the time. Sarah seems very busy as it is and I respect that.