Sunday, July 26, 2015

Back To "Normal"

Woohoo!  Logan is taking a break from teething and stormy periods all at the same time!

The Wonder Weeks App rocks!

We started to feel a difference about a week before the stormy period ended and now we are really feeling it now that we are in the clear. 

Yes, he is sleeping with a paintbrush....
Isn't that what all kids do?  ;)
Nice, solid, predictable naps. Longer stretches of sleep at night. Only fussy for a legitimate reason. Less clingy. You know, all the things that are "normal" for our Logan when he's not going through all the stuff that comes along with milestones, leaps, teething, etc.  

The beauty that lies in all of this is that 1) The Wonder Weeks App is amazing in that it gives us a countdown to when the end of rough patches will come, which really helps our sanity and 2) We just don't worry about new undesirable behaviors as being a new "normal" this second time around.  We are confident that if we just ride it out and consistently keep doing whatever we were doing before the tough stuff began, it will all return back to normal as soon as he gets through whatever has him all out of sorts.  I LOVE having that confidence to just support him through it without worrying that we have to "fix" any new problem that arises.  It doesn't make it any easier to endure necessarily, but peace of mind about it all takes an element of stress out of those rough patches for sure!

In bee news, we had a small swarm show up on the doorstep of one of our hives today. 

Almost literally...

I sent this photo to my mentor and he said it was probably from a nearby feral hive that was beginning to starve.  Simply because it is so late in the season and the swarm was so small. They were drawn to all of the honey in our hives and that is how they formed their cluster where they did.  He said if it were our bees, they would have been larger and a little further away.  All season we have kept our 4th hive empty for catching a swarm and wouldn't it be the case that THREE DAYS after I use that 4th hive to do the split to save our 3rd hive that a swarm shows up in our bee yard...  Very funny bees, very funny.  I swept them into a box and gave them to a friend who is new to beekeeping this season and has been having trouble with one of her hives.  She got them installed and spotted the queen so they should be good to go!

And since sleep is something we are getting more of around here I shall leave you with this sweetness.  :)


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