Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Running Man

We had yet ANOTHER play group gathering today. This one was a baby shower. 

Cute as a button, indeed!
Logan officially spent more time walking than crawling today. 

The rest of our afternoon was very peaceful. The boys' naps did not line up and each played well while the other slept.

Logan was still asleep when David got home.  I was finishing up dinner and David was reading to Ayden when Logan woke up.  David went in to get him but I think he was feeling a little out of sorts.  He was fussing while David held him so he put him down.  He decided he wanted me so we started walking to me from across the house.  He got SO frustrated that he couldn't RUN to his mommy.  He just sat down and cried.  Of course I was walking toward him to so I scooped him up in no time but it was really adorable. 

Since it was Tuesday, David stayed home for quality time with the boys after dinner. I did some work on the computer and did some cleaning with my kid-free time. That may not sound very fun but with all the time spent making birthday and baby shower gifts this past week, I was glad to have a little free time to catch up on some things that have been on the back burner. 

It seems as though the rest of this week will be a little more normal which I am looking forward to.  I am craving a slower pace for sure!


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