Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Little Shark

This little guy was exploring the use of his shark teeth today, much to his nursing mother's dismay...

Well they feel like shark teeth anyway...
Ayden went through this phase too and it was not a fun one. I have a few things that I cycle to until I find one that sticks. First, I try a nose pinch. Ayden would let go to breathe through his mouth and did not like it. Logan just smiles, while still clamping down, and can breathe through his teeth that way. Next, I try hugging his face in really tight, which again is supposed to make them let go in an effort to breathe. Logan does let go but finds it hilarious... A draw back of an easy going child I suppose. The one thing you NEVER want to do is pull a biting nursling away from you. Though it may be the opposite of your natural reaction, pulling them closer is ALWAYS better. Next up is the one that always works. The moment that he bites, I use whichever tactic listed above that makes him let go the fastest and then I quickly put him down, close up shop with a frown on my face, and walk away. This has been the end all be all with both of my polar opposite children.  They do not like this approach at all and that is what lets me know it is aversive enough to work. Hopefully only a couple more days worth of testing these waters will teach my little shark that this game is actually no fun at all. Hopefully... 


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  1. I am so with you.mine bites me to but she stops biting as soon as I firmly say, Stop it". It works every time.

  2. love your approach, as always. Good luck!

  3. love your approach, as always. Good luck!

  4. love your approach, as always. Good luck!