Thursday, July 30, 2015

Split Up

If you hadn't noticed already, our days are typically split up into two parts. Before Ayden's nap and after Ayden's nap. Logan will still nap on the go pretty easily which is good because both of his naps ended up being that way today (he is officially down to two a day now, by the way). 

This morning, our before nap time block consisted of story time:

and letting one of our playgroup family's dogs out for a mid-day potty break. 

Logan was taking nap #1 at this point.

During nap, Logan played while I outlined my talking points for a job I have lined up for the next 6 months (more on this in a later post).

After nap was a trip to the chiropractor:

Nap #2!
And a check in at the beehives. Unfortunately, the split and requeening mission turned out to be a fail. The bees are all gone. My mentor is now thinking that the swarm I caught and gave away may have been one of my new queens who decided she did not want to stay once she was released. It is rare but happens...  Bummer. That would definitely explain the too-much-of-a-cooincidence timing of that swarm. If that is really the case then we totally bought a queen only to turn around and give her away. We have no speculation about what may have happened to the second queen... You live and you learn I suppose. The good news is that we have bees literally spilling out of our other two hives. They are going strong and we may even end up with a honey harvest that is comperable to last year's 120lbs of deliciousness. 

After that was dinner and bed time. David had a dental appointment after work and then stopped by Home Depot for some electrical supplies. He got home just in time to read the boys their second bedtime story and help me get them all tucked in. 

My preference for our days is to only go out once during and I typically try to make that happen in the mornings.  I also prefer to have a day or two where we don't go anywhere at all but we seem to be very busy bees in the Summer and just can't seem to find a way around that.  We go on a short vacation next week and then when we get back I'm going to really try and squeeze in as much pool time and summer fun as we can until Labor Day. If I am honest with myself, things probably won't really slow down until after we move and get semi-settled in our new house.  Yikes! We've got to just hold on and enjoy the ride as much as we can.


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